Solo Drills

  • Power Punching Program: Hit like a Heavyweight

    15 items

    Have you ever had a dream where you're fighting for your life, but your punches felt like pillow hands? This program will turn you into the nightmare that haunts your opponents in their sleep!

  • 8-Round Shadow Kickboxing Workout

    Can you last all 8 rounds?

    Let’s see if you can hang…

    🥊Follow along to this audio mp3/video Kickboxing workout that coaches you through technical strategies to fight at all ranges, including jump & spinning attacks. Improve your explosiveness, endurance, and high-volume striking with these dril...

  • 5-Round Muay Thai Shadowboxing Workout

    Ready to go 5 rounds?

    🥊Follow along to this Muay Thai workout, where Shane coaches you through technical strategies to fight at all ranges, including the clinch with elbows & knees. Strengthen your balance, endurance, and counter-fighting skills.

    ⏱This training tool comes complete with 5 three-...

  • 12-Round Shadowboxing Workout

    Can you last all 12 rounds?

    🥊Follow along to this audio mp3/video boxing workout, coaching you through entries/exits, defensive cues, and tactical punch combinations to strengthen your foundations and develop endurance, in the most sport-specific way possible (without a partner).

    ⏱This training...

  • Solo MMA Workouts

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    Train MMA-focused movements to develop endurance, strength, balance & mobility — no equipment needed

  • Footwork Shadowboxing Program

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    18-step foundational footwork program for boxing agility, balance, and creating angles.

  • Boxing & Kickboxing Heavybag Workouts

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    Develop technique, endurance, & tactics by following along to our boxing/kickboxing heavybag classes.

    Kickboxing Class 1 - “Muay Tae” (Roundhouse Kicks)
    Kickboxing Class 2 - “Muay Femur” (Technician)
    Kickboxing Class 3 - Taekwondo

    Boxing Class 1 - Long Range
    Boxing Class 2 - Hooks & Head Movem...

  • Double-End Bag Course

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    Master your accuracy, reaction time & rhythm with one of the best striking tools: the double-end bag.

  • Full Body Warm-Ups & Stretching

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    Follow along to these 10-minute dynamic warmups and full-body static stretches for before and after any workout!