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  • Damien Alamos Muay Thai Seminar

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    This purchase grants access to Damien Alamos' Muay Thai Seminar streaming on August 24, 2023 at 6:30pm Eastern Time.

    Damien Alamos is a "Muay Femur", or technician, known for his ability to disrupt his opponent's balance and weaken their defense using specific footwork, feints, and kicks to mai...

  • 8-Round Shadow Kickboxing Workout

    1 video  |   Buy $14.99

    Can you last all 8 rounds?

    Let’s see if you can hang…

    🥊Follow along to this audio mp3/video Kickboxing workout that coaches you through technical strategies to fight at all ranges, including jump & spinning attacks. Improve your explosiveness, endurance, and high-volume striking with these dril...

  • The Energy Vampire: Zap Your Opponent’s Gas Tank

    12 videos  |   Buy $14.99

    This mini-course will help you develop an elite level gas tank and provide strategies to drain your opponent’s energy!

    🧛 A tired opponent is an easy opponent 🩸

    This product is a digital download. After checkout, you'll get access to a link to download your files. Please provide a valid email ad...

  • 5-Round Muay Thai Workout

    1 video  |   Buy $14.99

    Ready to go 5 rounds?

    🥊Follow along to this Muay Thai workout, where Shane coaches you through technical strategies to fight at all ranges, including the clinch with elbows & knees. Strengthen your balance, endurance, and counter-fighting skills.

    ⏱This training tool comes complete with 5 three-...

  • 12-Round Shadowboxing Workout

    1 video  |   Buy $14.99

    Can you last all 12 rounds?

    🥊Follow along to this audio mp3/video boxing workout, coaching you through entries/exits, defensive cues, and tactical punch combinations to strengthen your foundations and develop endurance, in the most sport-specific way possible (without a partner).

    ⏱This training...

  • Jordan Guenther’s Sparring-Style Mittwork

    25 videos  |   Buy $299.99

    Jordan Guenther (On Target Training PDX) shares his easy-to-follow padwork system that mimics sparring, to prepare your athletes for competition in a safe and realistic approach with this 24-video series.

  • MMA IQ Roadmap

    111 videos  |   Buy $249.99

    Boost your MMA skills & fight IQ with 80+ lessons complete with handouts, strategies, & drills, led by UFC veteran, Vince “The Anomaly” Cachero.

  • Heavybag Workouts (Boxing & Kickboxing)

    32 videos  |   Buy $19.99

    Ready to step up your heavybag routine? Here are 30 rounds (15 Boxing rounds & 15 Kickboxing rounds) of heavybag drills, combos, and strategies to take your striking to the next level.

  • Jessica Rose Clark’s Tattoo Collection

    1 video  |   Buy $9.99

    Standout UFC Fighter Jessica Rose Clark of CSA Gym gives you a tour of her tattoo collection, sharing the stories and meaning behind her favorite (and least favorite) pieces.

  • FIGHTTIPS Hybrid Striking Course

    107 videos  |   Buy $99.99

    FIGHTTIPS founder Shane Fazen created the Hybrid Striking Course as a way to organize his learnings and create a balanced striking style The following Kickboxing program is made up of 80+ drills, designed for all levels to boost your striking efficiency, in both a safe and challenging format. Yes...

  • Sparring Interview with Desiree Wodicker

    1 video  |   Buy $9.99

    Get to know 2x Muaythai champion Desiree Wodicker as she spars progressively harder with each questions asked!

  • Double-End Bag Course

    16 videos  |   Buy $39.99

    Master your accuracy, reaction time & rhythm with one of the best striking tools: the double-end bag.

  • Footwork Shadowboxing Program

    10 videos  |   Buy $59.99

    This program will develop optimal footwork movements, essential for boxing & other striking arts.