• BJJ Foundations - White to Blue Belt Curriculum

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    This white-to-blue belt roadmap covers 95 foundational BJJ lessons, including: movements, warmups, concepts, mindset, positions, and submissions. Led by Coach Bob Peach & Coach Kirby Farrales of Beacon MMA, this course is perfect for beginners and seasoned jiu-jitsu players looking to tighten up ...

  • Street Self Defense with Katie Hurd & Jessica-Rose Clark

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    In a dangerous altercation with an attacker, there is no squaring up before the bell rings. You will be caught off guard and put in a bad position by someone whose intention is to hurt you, rob you, or take you.

    Even if you’ve trained for years, circumstances could prevent you from tapping into ...

  • Luke "The Chef" Lessei Muay Thai Seminar

    16x National Muay Thai Champ and ONE Championship Featherweight Luke "The Chef" Lessei is hosting a Muay Thai seminar at Beacon MMA in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and we're streaming it LIVE.

    This 2-hour seminar is free to MAGNVS member or $30 for non-members (includes access to the live stream duri...

  • Mental Performance Matchup

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    Mental Performance Coach Gerry Walsh breaks down the mindset of extraordinary athletes like “Suga” Sean O’Malley and Marlon “Chito” Vera. You will be given actionable steps to develop the same mental fortitude in your life, to achieve your greatest dreams.